Wednesday, May 23, 2012

why increase in crime corruption and no fear of law

in my previous blogs i have mentioned reasons due to which like crime,corruption,no-action etc is developing most in our country after independence.their are many reasons behind such like interference of political in all matters.some or other come in favor of any and the anti socials get opportunity to the shelter of such who without seeing the reality support the opportunists take advantage. much is politicized these days and turned related to caste community or religion.if all think broad mindedly much can improve or controlled.if people may not take law in hands and let the administration decide to act and the the politicians only monitor without making it politicized against any party. the main reason of increasing of all like crime corruption others is long time taking judicial process.the criminals take advantage of long delays in civil courts and high courts.the criminals though have charges and cases pending but due to delays they keep on enjoying politics others.due to lacuna's of law they also effect the judicial and admin process.due to being in power in spite of several cases and living in jails they enjoy election candidates. so best is to speed up judiciary process and to be settled in limited time and to prevent any political activities terminated for such time.this will enable to send best possible to houses and rapid action will prevent any misuse.

Friday, March 30, 2012

it is must

yesterday i was going through a news in a esteemed paper who shared a news about sex education in regard to aids. we all are concerned about it.but i feel such education to be given in a way that one may be not due to exposure in films adds,serials,print the eagerness to know about sex is coming very early in children.even primary student knows about it. and viewing such says haaa..... other,i remember i was student of class 8th.when i use to study in st. peters college Agra. one of our class mate brought one book on sex from somewhere we all read it,but we all were not aware of reality of it. we thought that it is also one of the bad habit like smoking stealing others. it not happens in reality normally.such was due to sex education given only at right maturity time when the child comes in that stage.sometimes i am uncomfortable when any of my student asks about it in very young age hardly a student of class 2,this also due to much exposure in films,adds.the dress is such that like low waists,open or short clothes,tops is the gift of films dress designers etc. dress outside to be such that acceptable or decent.all outside are not of same understanding.some are of negative thinking are not immune to such and and such take it otherwise.this can be also the reason of sex crime.earlier decades back their was dress code for out and in. good dress always show manners decency.short clothes must be neglected outside,in Europe also vulgar dresses are not weared by high class is limited to models actors.something to be limited upto bedrooms.the films to be such that can be viewd with family without vulgar scenes,vulgar lyrics etc. due to more education and internet the children's are becoming aware in very early censor to see to manage for common audiences as decades back.i strongly recommend sex education but at right time and at right age.not from the stage of immaturity when the child have no understanding right or every country the child starts understanding in the age of 15 perfectly at this age education may be given.but not publicly in such way that it may become info. for misuse or misconduct and un required education to such who will take it in negative sense.every things have its uses and misuses. exposure or ways can be also harmful.what i want to share is that it is the duty of parents to keep an eye for all the children's are seeing on internet t.v. or reading in available literature.parents will have o also take care for girl child in different it was done earlier in Indian families by grandma OTHERS.our country had been famous for its culture decency since ages so we will to stop the copy of others culture.already the internet and other country films are proving access to many. some can be taught by Indian film industry by preventing or producing such vulgar songs and scenes which definitely giving wrong message to few or such exposure wrong learning to illiterate or folk living in slums where the parents have no time to care control or prevent their children's from going towards wrong.such is abuse for society who not understand the reality and understand it reality of life or fun. so in my view only such to be shared that it may not spoil the society and may be positive.our students need sex education but at right time and dress to weared such outside which is convenient manageable,all is fine if underlimit and at right time and place.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

MUSLIMS IN INDIA Muslim status regarding education,economy in large percentage is very poor.since after 1947 the community could not rise to the level of other due to lack of rigidness,no leadership,no guidance,not reaching of welfare programmes due to no awareness.after big migration of high class and educated during partition the left over was more of poor economic is fact that Muslims in India faced lot of confrontation,non cooperation after independence.the comments made by other community for non secular. but then also Muslims survived in India due to their craftsmanship arts etc. up to seventies there was very small percentage of Muslims in govt jobs.due to illiteracy only few had their own business,always their was business class service class but it came only from above average families.he growth or advancement was negligible.partition was very serious setback for Muslim community.their was no leadership with them to guide. due to not on one platform for social causes and division of vote bank among many parties no pressure could be made on governments. the religious leaders were only involved in guiding the community and the Muslims only went for some religious education in madarsa s and then joined their family work or others. none gave attention towards the education of the community and they remained backward till now. the living conditions could not improve due to economical conditions health problems majority living in narrow lanes old cities slums developed in graveyards or other places.their was never any housing scheme promoted in their areas by their representatives or due to tendency to live in cluster or due to fear of security even deserving not migrated in developed is true that for many years after independence due to political blunders like partition Indian Muslims had to face confrontation or inequality or hatred due to other community orthodox people. that part was not very large but due to lack of education,total illiteracy,no leadership or due to mass poor economical conditions the opportunists,political parties always used as a vote bank. the community was a factor for win for long for congress then for s.p. and now for b.s.p.,overall their was not any agenda for development of Muslim community for development from grass root level. only lollypops as i have written on my notes in and in my previous blogs notes comments articles were offered to Muslims. the Muslim leaders with several parties only worked for the common agenda of parties as a whole.none tried to find the real reasons of backwardness. the local representations also blamed the governments instead of making A START OF THEIR OWN.YOU WILL RARELY FIND ANY NONPOLITICAL ORGANIZATION CUMULATIVELY WORKING FOR FOR WELFARE OF WHOLE COMMUNITY. DUE TO DIVISION OF SUCH THE CONCERNED GOT ADVANTAGE TO BE SILENT FOR ANY DEMANDS FOR AWARENESS EDUCATION HEALTH HYGIENE OR OTHERS. THE EXCEPTIONS SEEN IN BUSINESS OR SERVICES POLITICS COMPETED FOR SUCH FROM THEIR OWN. VERY FEW FAMILIES HAVE THE TRADITION OF SENDING CHILDREN FOR COMPLETE EDUCATION.EVEN THE MINORITY FEW INSTITUTIONS NOT HAVE FULL CAPACITY STUDENTS. THE SO-CALLED LEADERS WHO CLAIM TO BE RESPONSIBLE as THE LEADERS OF COMMUNITY ONLY LOOKED Forward for their near dears or themselves.they were seen united for other causes but no efforts were made by the community itself from their own resources for upgrading the community. their was plenty of land and buildings possible to use for welfare activities but they were encroached or let to live after charging some bribe or commission.never any serious efforts were made to bring awareness by political parties Muslim leaders religious leaders to encourage people for giving education. the basic need of development to improve the life style.this all i am not writing in vain but reality. the community in large do not even have ration cards gas connections due to illiteracy and have no supporting documents.this prevent them to get facilities providing by the government. if any local as a social service start in their own areas or many at the portfolios must have created help or awareness in this regard much have changed in a big span after independence.but the community only depended on promises made by political parties OR THEIR LOCAL WORKERS FOR THE JOB. the main reason of not sending children to schools was or is economical condition the child in early age is send for any work to share hands to run the family for livelihood. the ultimate solution now forgetting the past and leaving the tendency of leg pulling is that deserving from the Muslim community to come forward on one platform for only one agenda of development,to find out measures or do efforts to do a start to educate the community. then itself you will produce good administrators business man doctors engineers and others. yearly crores come from zakat qurbani if used only development and for education without corruption then hope for a change. the picture can even change by existing and organizing for such schools where with general education, religious education and some of choice job oriented training can be given. surprisingly there is not a trend of making n.g.o. bu Muslims though others are getting lot of funds from other communities. a good start IS NEEDED WITHOUT ANY CRITICISM AND THE PICTURE OF BACKWARDNESS CAN CHANGE. THE COMMUNITY CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ANY POLITICAL PARTY WHO GUARANTEES FOR SUPPORT OF THEIR ACTIVITIES. IF THEY FAIL AND NOT KEEP THEIR PROMISES THEY HAVE POWER FOR A CHANGE OVER. BUT THAT WILL BE ONLY POSSIBLE IF THE COMMUNITY STOP DIVISION AND BE AWAY FROM DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY ADOPTED BY ENGLISH. IN INDIA MANY Great leaders made efforts for education and also faced many difficulties but in the end they were a success and their institutions produced millions of educated Muslims working in many fields all around the world. if you suspect that you not get justice anywhere the whole world is open to earn and develop yourselves.for that some sacrifice or efforts are to be done,simply blaming or waiting for opportunities will not work.nothing is impossible and the Muslim community can rise up-to the level of others by education the basic need for development of any community. not to wait for obligation of reservation or free help. basically we need programmes for development of Muslim community in way of schools hospitals old age homes and housing with better environment. good living and education will itself improve the community.the Muslim community have best artisans and craftsman they can upgrade if well EDUCATED. no community can rise if it wait for others to help the start will have to done by themselves with the existing facilities.when we will have capable candidates a new start can be done. for best results girl child needs attention for education.the women is only part of family which can produce good results.i have my personal experience and have seen that even uneducated mothers by their efforts produced deserving children's and if education in mass women the story can itself change. in the end i would suggest the leaders of India the well wishers to give attention for such programmes so that education may be encouraged and such job oriented programmes which may also help for their living. such schemes can be implemented which may provide assistance for health housing. if we will not have deserving candidates how to hope for giving jobs etc. if the lollypop of reservation is given that will benefit only the creamy and the deprived will not any opportunity due to to no upliftment.they can come in same stream if they are economically improved educated. najeeb khan

Friday, August 12, 2011


if we are careful in our daily routine then it is possible to make incidences negligible.i had been writing much on such. here i will revise for some more additions.daily we have many NECESSARY WORKS,THE PRECAUTIONS CAN HELP FROM Any untoward s incidence,and nothing harmed if we can take care.generally losses occur due to negligence and overconfidence.

i will start from cash deals generally we need in our daily for example that if we want to buy some article from market if bill is to be made and the transactions of good amount then what is the sense of withdrawing cash and do payments.nowadays the transfers due to CBS are very early.then why to take risk.big payments to take in by cheque or draft is safer for the business class also to save efforts and risk of depositing in banks.generally the anti-socials take advantage of cash tr f. only.this is the reason though there is facility to deposit anywhere in india,and also by draft,or if very small town then postal service people carry cash in trains buses etc. and the incidents occur.the other mistakes people do are to carry or leave money in vehicles giving an opportunity to anti socials.exceptions are also there of fake thefts to get from insurance etc.the other problem is to keep large amounts in cash boxes in shops.sometimes also UNLOCKED,GIVING A SPACE TO INCURS LOSS.much can be saved by alertness generally the culprits come in flock for small purchases as news daily come in papers.they engage in talks and do crime of theft by moving attention.
the other mistakes generally people do is giving their a t m to others to operate,the criminals are now very high profile they manage to get accounts in banks,vice versa. there are many seen in all banks talking on mobiles or there to withdraw a small account.the purpose is of recky only.much can be sorted out by the help of c.c. t.v. in banks.such can be traced who are in different is seen that the incidents generally only occur with carriers of high means there is source of information from bank inside.such anti socials also make friendship with lower staff,anf often go to banks unnecessary.generally their vehicles as per the earlier news analysis have such numbers on their vehicles not easy readable,or without 2003 i wrote to govt. that the only best to reduce crime is to keep eye on vehicles checking and strong punishment on no number vehicles should have temporary vehicle to come out without temporary number by permanent marker.last as in newspapers whatever caught/left vehicles were found with fake numbers.the anti socials are taking advantage of this lacuna.the vehicles pass from various check points.the helmet also as i wrote earlier should be as per i s o standard not to hide face.the benefit taken as abuse. awareness and precautions can be safety.all security working in banks can keep an eye on such.the wrong itself is detectable and leave something to suspect.the best the neighbors can help to detect,by seeing the nature of work and earning.non cooperation of public only have given rise to crime.the criminals and anti-socials take advantage of no unity or attention.generally people have in mind and it also happen that the informer is harassed if he is right also and not do in hatred or jealousy.this is the duty of deptt. to keep a record of such reports and verify by their ways for facts.these days due to advance living it is not very easy to isolate the right or wrong.but such always accumulate near wine shops,pan shops and spend more time there. many can be also informers to track.not a very big force is needed but an eye in uniform or non uniform is is impossible if proper coordination between police and others like intelligence,r.t.o.,other deptt. more anti-socials can be traced.people not even create hindrances to the anti-socials running.many even recognize but not inform due to leakage from concerned deptt. about the informer due to corruption,decades back name not to come out so the locals use to immediately inform about the due to fear after none take such risks and the anti socials are taking advantage of such.too much of political interference is the other hindrance in controlling crime.generally of one or other party come in support of many.such have also given shelter due to less work and more time to spend.earlier decades back those only use to get entry as member who use to spend appropriate time for the party,and made members only when properly verified and recognized.i have seen same faces on all events,many times in print or t.v. or c.c.t.v.,or in rallies or other agitations.only badges and caps change.such can be kept eye b=y intelligence and after action can be taken.
so open eye vigilance information support unity can reduce a lot of crime.and their are chances of detecting such many. PRECAUTION IS VERY IMPORTANT IT CAN PREVENT YOU FROM ANY UNTOWARDS INCIDENCE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the hospitals in india and medical facilities.

my ideas come from my personal experiences.i write onsuch many on my posts on
and on my notes on
i have written many such in my articles and comments on different websites and others.
the reality is that in six tees and seventies generally mass was dependent on govt. hospitals.doctors outside were there only for brother got full treatment in s.n.medical agra.then the hospital had good facilities.the wards were well arranged.the nurses and doctors were always in ward. checking of patients every shift.senior doctors to see their patients.outdoors were rushed.good hygienic meals.bedsheets changed every day.toilets clean.all staff for help available.i was again in 200 in same hospital.nothing as in past was there. the doctor who was seeing father took for test outside from his pocket because that case was for his m.s.,millions of funds are coming from developed countries where they are. even in district hospital their is no vaccine available for rabies to all.once when i was very strict then i got some for my servant to whom dog bite but on high source and recommendation.though always such injections are found easily available with outside shops but always short in gov. hosp.the attitude and behavior in govt. hospitals is not friendly or cooperative. in 1990s when i was in k.g.m.c Lucknow i got good treatment of e.n.t.,but when having same image i went in 2009 for my rt. eye treatment i suffered great operation was delayed by doctor for for six hours.the infection increased and my eye still have problems and i had to spent much on it. i suffered by mistakes only. delay by a local doctor for 48 hours diagnosing or error or hide his o/t or operation second opinion taken in the case.though many doctors of Agra advise must have been taken.for such reason i suggested earlier to i.m.a. to also medically check the doctors to confirm they continue to be fit for o/p. now see in k.g.m.c. Lucknow the doctor who was responsible for o./p/ was sitting in his cabin busy with his research assistant of her without any effort for first aid kept me waiting for hours.the assurance only given was less chances of cure.o.k. i was in o.t. there one ward boy took my medicines. boys under training mixed the medicines. some mistake occurred i was hearing discussions of the flock there inside o.t. looking like a butchery house with many o.t. tables.then after long wait at the doctor came. some injection was to be given. i heard the direction to a m.s. girl student.she put the needles in wrong direction it was pulled back when the preparation was going on i also asked the boys there to get or ask new medicine if there is any doubt. the result was it not worked on then on third day other inj. was administered or culture sample taken.being educated i was understanding English interaction.the problem to go to k.g.m.c. was that i left from agra for Indira Gandhi eye hospital kaisarbagh Lucknow.there i got registered as emergency case in early morning,but at 10.00 i was denied saying that the concerned doctor is on leave.there also in routine the case was with nurses and the doctors on to be checked in their cabins. i realized no sympathy.a senior doctor there suggested me to go to some private.i asked to forward officially she refused.the records are with me.i also complained to foundation but never any reply.the hospital suggested was not my panel of cashless mediclaim being first chance i even not knew that other hosp. exp. can be also claimed. the fact is that what mass must be facing in such hospitals working only as a practical and research centre. i remember old days the students use to sit upstairs of o.t. theatres none was allowed without fumigation etc inside to prevent infections.their are thousands of dispensaries in urban and rural lying without doctors,staff etc. billions help come in medical to n.g.o.s to Asia and also to india. where it is,nobody to see it is going to the needy or overall the position of govt. hospital is very bad shape. it needs special attention. the doctors of hospitals to work like as decades back use to do.the rate of successful operation was above 95 percent.people had faith in govt hosp. diversion to private is because of no alternate.the govt hosp. only provide patients for students.
i request the govt to start good and well equipped facilities in govt.hosp. and provision for medicine etc. to those who cannot afford.

najeeb khan

Thursday, June 9, 2011

my ideas are from my great experiences in my life.

recently many are very active on corruption and black money issue. though the homework was done by many in past. all the governments tried to find out to get rid of. since ages the religions and reformers wrote on it and directed people. in all religions corruption is ban. all residing in india are citizens and understand well the right or wrong.the staring governments of congress then of b.j.p. in their tenure took measures but all failed due to undue ambitions of aristocracy,bureaucracy,service class public or business class,the corruption was found negligible in professionally managed due to strict controls and management. on such i have written a lot in my columns,letters to p.m.o. c.m office for measures. but those who were to implement and involvement of many in corruption could not make success the efforts of governments. the only to blame are those who cooperate such for their benefits or to get job done wrong or early.the business class to save taxes adopted this bribe/suvidha formula.all loss went to revenue of governments causing price hikes,poor construction,repeated works etc.many of such i have highlighted in my blogs. Gandhiji adopted such satyagrahs,Anshan etc against Britishers to get independence.he understood well that by coming in direct fight will give direct loss to the lives of Indians only.their was chance of civil war if he must not have adopted this strategy. i always wrote that extra accumulation of money by any ways led the mind of a person towards dictatorship. so in our constitution all was given to elected,they guaranteeing represent citizens of india in majority. the crisis as i wrote earlier came due to many political parties and no very strong opposition to keep the ruling very vigil.the parliament could not make very strict laws. it led to uncertainty. the reason was that the choice instead to be on agenda diverted to state,caste, or religion. too many divisions lost control of the party heads. all parties have their clear agenda and all having same ideology can join one nearest to their thinking.this will make the elections triangular as in past two strong parties and one azad or many if the party have not presented good candidate AS PER LOCALS CHOICE. HE CAN SUPPORT THE PARTY OF HIS CHOICE TO MAKE GOVERNMENT STRONG. IT WILL BE BETTER FOR POLITICIANS TO BE ON PLATFORM OF THEIR IDEOLOGY NOTHING TO BE LIKE CHANGING PARTIES AGAIN AND AGAIN THIS IS NOT TRUE POLITICS. this way the best will represent to assemblies or parliament. then no space for opportunists and one choice and no confusion. any can be free and is free to join any organization he likes,follow his religion.but politics to be only politics.only in national interest and for the development for the country. now it is the time to screen the anti-socials,criminals,opportunists others who have entered politics for their benefits.see my old blogs for much more on crime and corruption to save themselves from law and order or for delays in enquirees. i wrote earlier that all parties to screen well their members,candidates,portfolio holders to make a strong base and competition in the the contest for representation.that can result in good popular,majority supported governments with strong republished transparent agenda. this will enable political parties to remove their badges.then india can hope of good governance by any party. the option as per constitution is only parliament.the only legal way to form any law for any cause or demand with no law and order problem with liberty to citizens to commute freely without hindrances of jams,crowds blockages of road etc. the political parties can entertain suggestion of nominated,other personalities but not to support or make any prestige issue the political leaders have a platform WITH THEM BY THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE.THEY CAN UTILIZE SUCH AND PRESENT SOME MORE NEW FACES IN INDIAN POLITICS LIKE MANY BHARAT RATNAS PRODUCED EARLIER BY OUR COUNTRY. JAI HIND AND GOD BLESS ALL RIGHT AND JUST.

kamla nagar agra. 28/2005
india 919897358187

Sunday, May 22, 2011

simply joining causes and call for keeping green will not work.

i also write a lot for keeping the globe clean and green.but one is to see how he is helping to support this cause.i do not have open land but outside my house is some guards earlier made by forests department.i not allowed to remove and cover by tiles. one ashok tree and four others survived.though many tree guards were removed in my area and then the trees disappeared.though now one of the social activists of our are is trying to plant again good efforts.the cause of removal was few bricks and a good space to park.but now in summer due to no trees shade the thinking they all search tree shelter. this is benefit of big trees it give shelter to all including birds and animals in area and also stray dogs and to protect trees common will have to save them.every citizen can help only by not harming them,thinking of its use.greenery can only be all over in public partnership.government agencies can provide plants,guards,but watering and protection will have to be done by all are fond of mobiles,vehicles all will have to be aware of the need of trees and their protection.many harm them for wood. if you see such anti socials you will have to complaint for such and prevent if possible.forest departments can plant in govt offices hospitals,near railways property,other offices.the concerned departments to be responsible for maintenance.a complete record to be maintained of surviving trees.and fruit giving trees are also required to get food to many birds and many can enjoy as return of maintenance. neem jamun,khinni,guava,mango,orange and many others can be planted seeing the space.this will keep the areas clean and also prevent encroachment.all road sides trees lost due to broadening etc. new to be planted to increase the and new colonies to be developed in those areas where land is not fertile which we say useless for farming. roads are good but it not mean that all may be converted into concrete.40 %of all newly developed colonies and industrial areas to be reserved for trees and green may be gardens surrounded by big permission to be given easily to convert farming land to residential or that private builders may not take opportunity.sites where the garbage is thrown when filled to be converted into gardens with trees to make the soil good.polythene and poly packs of any type has been a threat to natural growth of jungles and trees.the land due to such poly materials is also preventing seepage of rain water and preventing plants and trees to grow. it use in packing outside or inside in any form to be stopped. simply mentioning recyclable will not is uneconomical to collect such because no sale value due to transport cost etc.the new packing materials is also a threat to environment.only tin glass or aluminum is easily picked off.the poly bags to be banned all over india and paper or jute to be allowed they are environment friendly and do not harm to nature land,animals birds trees etc.
so to keep all green and cool to protect trees,less covered area,open land to allow seepage,plantation on the sides of irrigation canals,deepening of ponds,water harvesting in all multistory and houses above 200 sq. yards is necessary. r.o. plants for commercial use from underground water to be banned. they may use natural rivers,or discharges of by r.o. to make it usable by reverse osmosis and boiling is possible to make it usable FOR DRINKING.SUCH COMPANIES WHO ARE SELLING WATER ON HIGH PRICES CAN SURVIVE AND AFFORD.TO USE R.O., FOR COMMERCIAL USE TO BE TOTALLY BANNED OTHERWISE A SEVERE THREAT TO HUMAN ANIMALS BIRDS AND ENVIRONMENT.BECAUSE IF WATER LEVEL WILL GO VERY DOWN THEN THE TREES WILL NOT SURVIVE AND THE GREEN AREAS WILL COVERT INTO DESERT. THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE. SO PLANT MAX. TREES TO SAVE THE PLANET.

najeeb khan agra.282005